choosing the material

You can employ a colour to describe the personality of the subject, or you may relate to the colour scheme of the room where the portrait will be mounted.  Let me know what you have in mind and I will send you images of the relevant samples and advise you on which ones work better in different situations (dark or light rooms, corner installations etc). 


A few good quality photos should allow me to draw an accurate likeness. My drawings are quite realistic. See how to take the photos by clicking HERE


thinPortraits are made to a life size scale.
Type A portraits
(installed perpendicularly to the wall)  are approximately 490 mm tall and project max. 160 mm from the wall.
Type B portraits (installed against the wall are) approximately 450 tall and 350 wide. Hands are also made to a life size scale.


PORTRAITS – Call me to enquire about the price of custom made portraits: prices depend on design and the material chosen. My standard designs (based on the masterpieces of Michelangelo, Botticelli ecc. ) start at $180 + shipping. HANDS – Call me to enquire about the price of custom made hands. The standard hands start at $100 + shipping. MUSIC – starting from $ 500 and depending on the design.

production time and shipping

Allow me two/three weeks to draw and produce your custom made portrait. Standard designs are produced in one week. Once ready, your portrait will be packed and shipped anywhere in Australia at the address you have specified. If you require international shipping I can give you an estimate of the shipping fees.

installation and maintenance

ThinPortraits are designed as a kit which is easily fixed to the wall with two screws. Full instructions and the screws are included in the package.
Although acrylic tolerates both UV and humidity, thinPortraits should be installed indoors. Like many other artworks they are relatively delicate so they need to be mounted away from heavy traffic, where there is no risk of accidental damage. 

see how to tale the photos by clicking HERE