material, production and sustainability

Acrylic glass ( poly-methyl-methacrylate, or PMMA ) is a beautiful, versatile material commercialized since the 1930s with different brand names – Perspex – Plexiglas – Lucite – etc.

Thanks to its superior physical properties acrylic is used in many applications, from the aerospace industry to biomedical research. Its wide colour range and excellent clarity make it an ideal material for furniture and designer objects.

Nevertheless, in today’s world we must also think about the environmental footprint of our production process, especially when using synthetic materials. I strive to work in a responsible way by :

* Creating all my test models with cardboard sheets

* Selecting high quality recyclable PMMA and, when possible, using industrially recycled material

* Powering the laser machine with solar panels

* Minimizing production waste and taking it to a recycling facility

* Packing the finished product in cardboard boxes

* Aiming to design durable artefacts which can be enjoyed for many years.